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If you are looking for the best Singapore escort girls who are Singaporean in nationality, we are the perfect Singapore escort agency for you. You have finally arrived on the right Singapore escorts website and we are here to serve you. If you like beautiful and real SG women as escorts, you are in for a real treat.

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We operate from Mondays to Sundays including public holidays and from 12 noon till late.

So regardless of the day you reach Singapore, or wish to make a new booking, simply contact our agent 1 to 3 hours in advance and we will recommend you the best call girls who are available at that time for 1 hour or longer bookings. We will act as the middleman and liaise between you and the model. Once everything is confirmed on both ends, you will be able to meet your desired call girl shortly.

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We are the only Singapore escort agency which can boast all of the following:

  • Media featured by multiple mainstream news media outlets
  • The largest and most established social escort agency in Singapore specializing in local high class Singaporean escort only
  • Interviewed and featured on news outlets such as South China Morning Post and Yahoo!
  • Featured on news outlets like TodayOnline and Asia One too
  • Contacting our company is the only right way to go as we are a legally registered Pte Ltd social escort company with the government
  • The most beautiful women and escorts Singapore locally here work with our company as we specialize only in SG nationality women. You can click here to see the list of escorts with us
  • When you contact our website, you will be provided with only 100 real photos for satisfaction guaranteed or it is 100% free for you

Kindly keep in mind that while we work to keep each escorts’ availability as high as possible for customer satisfaction, not every single lady is available at the point you contact. We hope you understand this point as our escort girls are either full time office ladies or students. To keep the calibre of our Singapore call girl models high class, we work only with women 18 years old and above whom no one else will suspect is working as a Singapore escort girl.

Our escort models need to travel and make up and dress up. The further outskirt your location is from central Singapore, means that the lady will take longer to reach your location. Be reasonable. This means that you should contact our company 1-2 hours before on the same day for Singapore escort services, or you will be disappointed.

Message our escort agency right away

The sooner you book, the higher the probability of you being able to meet the exact Singapore social escort models whom you prefer meeting to have a good time. However, even in the unlikely event that that particular girl is unavailable, we will be providing you with the best recommendations for other Singapore social escorts who are available and has equally excellent reviews so you will still have a good time.

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Cash in Singapore dollars or credit cards are accepted for our escorts in Singapore

The following are some of the payment methods which are accepted:

  • Cash in Singapore dollars
  • Cash in foreign currencies (we urge you to change to SGD first as some Singapore escorts charge a surcharge for foreign currencies)
  • Credit cards including Amex, VISA and Mastercard are accepted
  • Debit cards with VISA and Mastercard are applicable
  • Internet bank transfer to our corporate UOB banking account or UEN Paynow
  • ATM cash deposit machine to our corporate account
  • Send a Paypal payment directly to our corporate email address with Paypal
  • We can send your email a direct Paypal payment link and you can use your Paypal to pay

We strongly encourage you to pay in cash or bank transfer, as other payment methods may incur a small surcharge.

Our agency understands the strict need for strict privacy for you and all our clients and keeping bookings private for you

Therefore, we offer you a variety of methods for you to make payments. However, note that for the smoothest transactions, please kindly provide our agent the required verification details when making an appointment.

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Making a new booking with us to meet one of our Singapore escorts is very simple. Here are the steps in case you are wondering so there is absolutely no confusion for you:

  1. Firstly, you can see and check out our list and photo gallery of our featured escort call girls.
  2. Please read the escorts’ name, age (all 18 years old and up) height, hair color, weight and other details on their individual profile pages first. (Bust size or breast size / bust size not included)
  3. The 1 hour or more prices will be publicly listed on the same so please check that too.
  4. Once you have shortlisted a 3 to 4 escort names, Whats App us to either immediately enquire their availability and make a new booking or contact our agent for more photos before we check for their availability.
  5. Do note that while we send extra images of the requested for Singapore escorts who may be available, we do not send face photos as we are a culturally conservative country and real local nationality call girls do not reveal full face images!
  6. We will reply your message with extra photos of potentially available escorts.
  7. We provide an iron clad satisfaction guarantee that all escorts look 100 real like their photos or it is 100% truly free for you.
  8. After you have more or less confirmed which ones you are open to meeting with, provide your meeting point and time for the same day.
  9. Advance enquiries require a prior deposit, so if you want to enquire in advance in any form, a prior and upfront deposit is required or we will be unable to reply anything.
  10. We will advise accordingly if the chosen escort is available to reach by the given timing.
  11. Do kindly be reasonable because the call girl will need some travelling and make up time. If you want the escort to look even more excellent, do be understanding.
  12. Depending on the meeting point in Singapore and your provided details, we will advise if a prior deposit is required or cash on meet up to the call girl.
  13. In the event that if you prefer paying fully up front via credit card or bank transfer because you do not have enough cash on hand or prefer doing it that way for whatever reason, we will provide you with our secure payment links with our corporate bank details.
  14. If it is in cash payments, you can pass it directly to the escort upon meeting her.
  15. Our escort will now proceed to do her make up, dressing up and travel as soon as possible to arrive strictly punctually at the requested for timing for escort services.
  16. This means that unless you are sure about your availability and timing, please do not make a contact or enquiry just yet. Only contact if you are ready to book immediately in Singapore.
  17. While Singapore is a small country, traffic can be bad at times, and therefore, you can provide a 5 to 15 minutes leeway time to the estimated time of arrival for the escort. Sometimes the escort may be slightly early, sometimes she may be slightly late. This is especially the case during peak traffic hours or the meeting point you wish to meet is extremely outskirt.
  18. Please prepare your cash beforehand in the exact amount so the transaction will be smooth later.
  19. Upon arrival, we will message you that the escort is arriving or has arrived.
  20. After you had met our high class escort, you will be requested by her to pass her the full sum of cash respectively. Please kindly do so.
  21. You can now enjoy a good time! We will see you and you can contact the next time you would like to meet call girls again!

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Whether you prefer a corporate vibe and absolutely stunning office lady, or you prefer a cute and young woman as your escort, we have the right call girls for you. Almost all of our clients prefer an escort model who has a full time occupation or work other than just escort work, so we specialize in finding these eloquent, high class and educated call girls for you.

We understand that every client has slightly different preferences. Some may prefer a curvier woman, while another may like her skinny. As such, we bring in a variety of Singapore call girls so that you can have your pick. All photos and pictures used and sent to you are guaranteed 100 real and independently verified before.

Our SG escort models will treat you as though they were your real girlfriend, and with pretty eyes, luscious hair, cute smile and smooth complexion, it is no wonder they always receive great recommendations. They are high class babes who exude elegance with the girlfriend experience of average age 23 and are fun without being a slut.

With the escort girls attention to care and details, our SG escort service providers will make you feel like you are the only man in the world.

Regardless of their race, they are all above 18 years old in age and SG only in terms of their citizenship, as that is Singapore legal working requirement. We hope you understand that we strictly do not work with foreigners nor any one below the age of 18 years old due to legal requirements. We do not entertain such enquiries.

Our featured escort girls are all eloquent, high class, pretty and absolutely excellent in reviews or we will remove them. We only work with the best in SG.

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It may be evening or night now and you may be tired after your business or investment or work in Singapore, and we understand that. Therefore, our service is by outcall and our high class 18 years old and above escort girls travel to you for your convenience.

That is why out of the various cities in South East Asia and categories you can pick escorts from for escort services, men still choose to seek a high class lady companion from our business whenever they are in town. Looking for our high class escort service providers is the best way to have a good time.

After you phone contacts for a new booking, according to the above clear instructions and steps, our escort lady will be moving off towards the designated meeting point. As such, please make sure you will be there on time, as our escorts work hard to arrive punctually too.

Our Singapore escorts are by outcall only

Our service is by outcall only, and there is no incall service, erotic massage, sex services or prostitution business available as we are not a brothel. This means that the chosen lady will meet you at a designated meeting point that we would have liaised with you before hand. Please note that terms and conditions apply and the lady must be comfortable with the meeting point before she will move off for the meeting point.

It is super convenient for you to meet

By keeping it only outcall, it becomes super convenient for our clients as you never need to travel to meet any Singapore escort. The chosen lady will travel to you at your convenience and timing. Likewise, be reasonable with the expected timing of arrival. If you are in a central location, chances are the lady will arrive early. The further you are from town region, the longer the lady may take. This is only reasonable, so expect it.

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If you will like to enjoy a great time in SG and enjoy the top , high class girlfriend experience our escort services has to offer, then make sure to make a new booking with us right away. Before that you may contact our website to see our list of Singapore escorts (with details like 1 hour or longer price, height, weight, hair color – but not breast size or bust size please) before making any decision on your part.

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Specializing in the romantic girlfriend experience, otherwise known as the short form GFE, we only provide and keep excellent reviewed escorts within the company. Due to strict and tight feedback loop, we quickly remove undesirable Singapore escorts, and only keep the well reviewed escorts within our company as much as possible.

Therefore, all of our featured Singapore escort models from our reputable agency can and will make you think as though you are truly their boyfriend, and that they are truly your girlfriend during the period of time you engage them for.

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We believe our escorts are truly the most beautiful, high class and educated in the world. If you are in full agreement with this too, then you are in luck! Because we specialize in SG women only.

If you are sick and tired of looking through hundreds and thousands of listings only to meet foreigners pretending to be a genuine SG lady, we are the solution for you.

With our escorts, you will be finally meeting a true and real SG girl. If that has always been what you wanted, then prepare to have a great time and see your dreams come true because all of our escort girls are local only. No Hong Kong or Jap girls.

You won’t forget the experience with our women!

Whether you are a local and thinking of making an appointment for the first time, or you are a foreigner who just arrived and looking for an excellent female companion, you will love your experience with our women.

Our native escorts are absolutely beautiful

Generally speaking, our ladies are slim. Since most of our clients prefer a slimmer escort, you are in for a good time!

Thankfully, even if you prefer a curvier lady, we have them too. We cater to a wide variety of clients, as long as you love SG escort like us too!

Singapore is a pretty city, and its women are too

With its stunning city and state skyline in the Central Business District with Marina Bay Sands in the backdrop and even the out of the world looking Gardens By The Bay, Singapore is known to be an absolutely stunning beautiful city, and thankfully its women are too.

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When it comes to us, our Singapore escorts specialize in the romantic girlfriend experience, known locally as GFE. In fact, we are so famous for it that we got featured on Front Page Yahoo! news interview for our girlfriend experience too. Ever since, we have also been interviewed and mentioned multiple times in different places like TodayOnline, AsiaOne, South China Morning Post and syndicated among other news outlets too.

If you are wanting to look for a genuine Singapore escort once and for all, instead of bumping into foreign ones pretending to be from Singapore, then avoid classified ads like Backpage and contact reputable, legally registered escort agencies such as ours.

Not only do we only specialize in SG models, we provide 100 real photos as well as help you sieve out bad reviewed ones. We provide only 100% genuine photographs or it will be truly 100% absolutely guaranteed free for you. You can rest assured that we will provide only those with excellent reviews to our clients. We will not recommend a bad reviewed one to you, and will be removing the respective model immediately if reviews do not improve quick.

Because Singapore is a racially diverse country, while our models are all local in their citizenship, their races may vary and depending on which escort you pick, the escort will be able to speak English and Chinese or Malay or Tamil. Conversation will be a breeze if you engage a companion in an English speaking yet multi racial city like Singapore. This is because almost all of our models are multi lingual in conversation and this greatly improves communication between both parties as well as not having any communication breakdown in the meantime.

Chances are, if you are this far down this page, you are an English speaker, and that is great because our models are able to converse in English and other of the following languages:

  • Fluent in English
  • Fluent in Mandarin for our Chinese models
  • Simple Hokkien
  • Simple Cantonese
  • Simple Teochew
  • Fluent Malay for our Malay models
  • Simple Bahasa
  • Fluent Tamil for our Indian models
  • Among others

Advance enquiries will require a prior deposit

Do kindly note that all advance enquiries will be requiring an advance and prior deposit before we will be able to reply any such advance enquiries. This will include sending of any extra photos too even if requested for. We strongly encourage you only to contact on the same day you would like to meet one of our escort models.

So unless you are alright with sending a prior deposit, kindly contact our company on the same day as you will like to meet one or more of our models at separate timings. All are 18 years old and above. But no weird requests like MILF fantasy MILF fantasy please.

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You can feel free to contact us anytime within the hours of 12 noon till late daily, including weekends and public holidays.

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If you are particular about only wanting to meet a particular lady, then phone contacts our website as soon as possible and make a prior deposit for an advance enquiry and appointment.

This is especially the case if you are a foreigner who will only be in Singapore for a few days. Do not waste anytime any more, and contact now as time is of the essence when it comes to meeting one of our beautiful SG women!

Make an appointment today with the best

Enjoy your time in Singapore this afternoon or tonight. Simply reach out and contact now. We are available through a variety of channels, through which you can easily message.

We are contactable through the following means:

  • Whatsapp
  • Wechat
  • Line
  • Telegram
  • SMS
  • E mail

All are aged 18 years old and above.

If you are an existing client, please kindly use the same number as you have used before to contact so we can speed up and skip over the verification process for you, or kindly indicate who you are when contacting.

You can learn more about our contact details on our contact page – go here to engage our trusted escort agency

Premium models

When you engage our services, you are virtually assured and guaranteed of your satisfaction. With only the best Singapore escorts, you will be able to enjoy your time anytime in this beautiful lion city in South East Asia! So reach out now and meet a hot escort lady from SG right now and make your stay in Singapore an unforgettable one in an extremely pleasant way!

Disclaimer: Please note we are not a prostitution business and do not sell sex services. We also provide details but not bust size. So please do not ask for sex services or bust size. And yes, all are 18 years old and above. Weird enquiries like MILF fantasy with sex services will be rejected too. All clients to be also aged 18 years old and older. Those requesting for an escort younger than 18 years old will be banned.