How To Know If The Image By The Escort Is Real Or Not?

One of the biggest concerns by customers is whether the photos of the SG escort girl is real or not. Here are some tips for you so that regardless whether you are looking for an agency or independent, you will more or less be able to know at a glance if a photo that the person forwards to you or places online is the real deal!

If you are looking at a supposed foreign lady, especially if she is from Philippines or Thailand or one of the neighbouring countries other than Malaysia, and she sends you an image of herself including her face in it, there is still a 50% chance that it really is of her. However, if you are looking at a supposed Singaporean girl and she or the company sends you an image with her full face picture, there is a 0.01% chance that is her.

If you see a picture of a famous influencer or online model being shown on a directory or website, then think twice, because there is a 100% chance it is fake, if the image includes the full face image. The reason for this is because when it comes to their income, their reputation is extremely important to real celebrities, that is why ‘face’ is so important to them. Even if they wanted to do escorting on the side, there is zero chance that they will include their facial images in the listing.

Are the images you see on listings stolen from the public domain? Did you know that lots of unethical websites actually use images which do not belong to them? There is an insane amount of websites which acts like this. Just simply do a reverse image search by using your laptop. All you need to do is to right click on your mouse on the picture you are not sure if it may be stolen. Then select ‘Search Google for image’. You can then easily tell if it is taken from the public domain. If you cannot find anything, it does not mean it is 100% genuine, but if you can see lots of results online, then you should check out the other websites with that same picture, and then decide by yourself as to which one is the original!


TSRJOX 狮城陪游 狮城bbs Good Alternatives?

What used to be a big prostitution website with tons of web traffic in Singapore, TSRJOX, also known as 新加坡 天上人间 in Mandarin, has since been forced to shutter its illegal business and website by the local police in SG city.

For those people who are unaware of what it used to be about, it was a site which posted the information of China ladies who came to our country to provide sexual service. While prostitution in itself is legal, most of the girls who make their income through TSRJOX are only here on social visit passes, which bars them from earning any income in SG. Additionally, TSRJOX served as a public platform facilitating prostitution – which makes it illegal, regardless of where the site is hosted or operators are based. In fact, many copycats have popped up after it, as TSRJOX was one of the pioneers taking advantage of the unique opportunity the Internet provided for such provision of . Many of these sites felt safe behind the anonymity of the Internet. But lo and behold. The law will catch up.

However, you are a consumer, and not an operator from TSRJOX. So if you are just on the search for a beautiful female companion, how do you go about achieving this task?

Well, it kind of depends on what you are searching for.

If you want to look for amazingly pretty girls in Singapore to accompany you, then check out our Singapore escort service! Our women and call girl escort models will pretend to be your girlfriend, and make you feel as though you are truly their boyfriend! It is definitely a great way to get something with no strings attached.

On the other hand, if you just want prostitutes, then there is actually no legal way of getting that online. Even sites which advertise stuff like extras will eventually get rightly apprehended by the police. There are however designated red light districts in our city if you really need them, and you can look for these brothels right around Geylang area. While there are more red light areas than just Geylang, it certainly is the most popular and renowned one.


Why Do Men Look For Escorts? Strong Allure For These Men

If you are questioning why some men are dating female Singapore escorts, read this short article to discover! Lots of guys in SG search for these women. A lot of foreigners who arrive to the country are also doing so. However, why is that so? While the reason that each and every single man try to find them will definitely differ, there are some common reasons and here in this post we will try to describe it.

Want to skip regular dating inconveniences

Who are these men who try to find these paid female companions in SG? Many guys who date them or search for these type of services are basically high earnings guys who desire the companionship of a pretty woman. If these men tried to get a steady girl, it will take a lot of effort and time. You will then need to impress her and after a couple of times, she may finally have an interest in you and desire to take things even more and be your girlfriend. As you can inform from the above, it takes a lot of effort and time to get a woman in Singapore.

Busy with work and no time to deal with hassles

However, many high earnings men are extremely focused on their professions. So they would rather pay for the time to skip those dating inconveniences just to get a girl at least temporarily, since they are not looking to settle down any time soon anyway.

Wish to get a companion without getting sidetracked from work

Therefore, if you too do not wish to be sidetracked from your work, and invest all those hours and days weekly to try to get a sweetheart, then perhaps, finding an escort is a better choice.

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Their age range makes them ‘invisible’ on regular dating apps

Secondly, most clients who search for them in SG are middle aged. For men like these who are still single, and yet do not wish to be married yet, can find dating on places like Tinder not effective. This is simply because almost no local woman will select their age range as a potential match! Therefore, our type of services are hot choices for such men who find Tinder or Paktor too inadequate or ineffective.

Only want no strings attached or fear commitment

One of the most significant reasons is that they want to look for a gorgeous Singaporean girl without the typical dating hassles or dedication. These men want a no strings attached relationship. The good news for these men is that when it comes to our type of services, our models desire absolutely nothing to do with you after the date is up. They will not prod you, blame you, scold you. And if you desire to look for the same escort again, you can just get in touch with the same agency and the woman if she is still available with the company will treat you as though she was always your girlfriend the whole time. It is the perfect no strings attached arrangement at a whim.


Highly Recommended Adult Nightlife Activities In SG You Need To Know!

If you are looking for the greatest suggestions for nightlife activities for adults in Singapore, here they are!

Singapore is a land of beauty and enhances. The magnificent structures, dynamic amusements, ultra-posh shopping center, and busy streets enhance the magic of this taking place island city-state. Even at night, there are lots of great activities for adults. The stylish and swanky pubs, nightclubs, and bars, together with enchanting light & sound programs build up the mixed drink of spectacular night life. Have a look at the following suggestions and choose your picks.

Look for a beautiful local female escort

If you are a male, then one of the best ideas while you are in the country and looking for some night activities to do is to look for a SG escort. With lots of classy, pretty and sexy ladies, the country offers some of the best choices of eloquent and amazing women. Make sure to find one if you are in the city today.

Head on over to one of the most popular nightclubs – Zouk

Secondly, you could go to one of the most popular night clubs – Zouk. Zouk is one of the earliest and most popular nightclubs of Singapore; it is among the best locations to experience night life here. The best method to hang out in this stunning night club is to get a glass of chilled beer or your preferred cocktail, get immersed in the live music, stay tuned with the DJs, and lastly land up on the dance floor. It boasts of hosting some of the very best worldwide and local DJs, stirring the bar with groovy blends. This is one of the exhilarating scenes of night life in Singapore.night club

Drop by the night safari to ogle at creatures and animals which are wide awake at night!

Thirdly, you could head over to the Night Safari. The Night Safari entices tourists to experience the adventure of wildlife post sundown. It is the first night safari worldwide, and one of the most awesome hotspots of Singapore nightlife. The safari happens in a well-protected cable car flight where you can see wild animals like Himalayan Tahr, Sloth Bear, Gir Lion, Striped Hyena, Oryxes, Cape Giraffes, Red Dholes, Bearded Pigs, Asian Rhinoceros, and Axis Deer.

If you are a bachelor, here are some suggestions for the bachelor to do! If you are looking for something spicy, you can check out our read on legal alternatives to TSRJOX!


How To Make An Appointment In Singapore The Correct Way

If you are looking to make a booking with us, then make sure to read this following post.

Check the pictures, price and name list!

The first step you want to do is to first check out our photographs of our models, as well as their details and price list. Since everything is purposely publicly displayed, you can easily find the one you like. We only have Singaporean girls. You are best off using an agency like us if you are looking for local girls.

Use our contact form to reach us today

Secondly, you can send us a message with your desired models’ names, your meeting place and time. Please note we only process same day bookings. So if you want an advance booking, a deposit is mandatory before we will check availability for you.appointment

We will check who is available

Third of all, once you have provided us with the above mentioned details, we will go to work for you and check the availability for the women you have selected. We will get back to you soon with an exact confirmation.

You decide whom you want to see

Next of all, your call! You just need to decide whom you are to meet. The desired model will now move off towards your location after doing her make up and dressed presentably if you are making an urgent booking. If it is for a later timing in the day, then it will be accordingly to that.

Finally, the lady will arrive at your location! It is simple. Truly fast!

And here is a final piece of extra advice. If you are looking for services, please, avoid places such as TSRJOX as further explained here, or you may be getting unnecessary hassles. Make sure only to book from legit providers.


How Much Do Escorts Make On Average?

If you are considering an escort job, then you may be interested in how much you can potentially make. In the past, too many posts and advertisements promise you sky high income. However, if you have experience, you will probably realize the advertisements are grossly exaggerated, the ads are simply fake, or you joined an illegal syndicate and everything is fake.

Here are some realistic expectations of what an average earner can expect to

Firstly, regardless whether you intend to be a freelance girl or work under an agency, you will make approximately the same. It is a misconception that you will make more working by yourself. The reason for that is simple – people tend to exaggerate how much they really make. That is why you see freelancers nobody has ever heard of come on news saying that they make a certain amount of money. How can they make that much if nobody in the industry has heard of them before? It is just PR. Regardless, after the agency cut, or if you work as a freelance girl, you can expect to make anywhere between $250 to $500 per hour in Singapore.

Secondly, we will need to look at what is a realistic number of clients you can potentially get. One factor that beginners leave out in their consideration is their very own schedule. If you only have a few hours free each week, keep in mind you are competing against tons of other escorts. They will snatch up your clients unless you work hard as well and keep yourself free and flexible when it comes to your timings. Most can realistically expect to see 1 to 5 clients a week on average, if you are free for at least 4 to 5 days a week, and accept any clients. That is also considering if you join a good agency, or are a phenomenal marketer of your own services.

Thirdly, taking the lower end combination, it will be around 1 client a week multiplied by $250. That is approximately $1000 a month. Taking the high end, you will meet around 5 clients a week at $500 a client. That is approximately $10000 a month. As you can tell, while those are not guaranteed, you will probably be making somewhere between $1000 to $10000 a month. Those are realistic numbers. The biggest difference between making that amount with an escort job and any other job though, is the amount of hours you actually need to work. The above takes into account only working 1 to 5 hours a week. That is an amazing return on investment of your time, when it comes to making a lot of cash. There is virtually no other job that offers you this opportunity. If you are a student or a full time working adult which most are, this is pure disposable income for you, or income that you can be putting to good use like clearing your student loans.


What Are Your Options For NSA Relationship In Singapore?

If you are looking for a no strings attached relationship, what are your best options in Singapore?


Your best option will definitely be escorts! Check out our ladies here. Why are they your best option? The reason for that is because they provide the least amount of commitment requirements for you. All you need to do whenever you wish to meet one is to simply contact a local agency or independent, and then meet. Independents are generally speaking harder to meet in SG though, because many of them travel very often, and you are talking to one girl only. With an agency, you have multiple options even if one particular girl is unavailable. They are also known as pay per meet, and this is the form of no strings attached relationship with the least amount of commitment.

Sugar baby

Your second best option will probably be sugar babies, though in our view, it is a far cry from that of escorts if you truly want a no strings attached relationship. The reason for that is simply because most sugar babies would demand a monthly allowance from you, not much different from that of an alimony style payment (just that you will still get to meet her). However, financially, that is how it feels. That is one of the biggest reasons why we feel that there is still quite a lot of strings attached to such a relationship. It definitely feels like there is more commitment. Additionally, escorts are also cheaper than sugar babies if you are into NSA relationships.

Using regular websites and indicating looking for NSA relationships within

Your third option will probably to look for NSA relationships on regular dating sites like OkCupid. Since Tinder and mobile applications more similar to it does not allow you to select only those who also want a NSA relationship, OkCupid is a far superior choice relatively. The biggest downside to sites like these though, is that the quality of the women on them are a far cry from that of escorts and sugar babies, which are your first and second options ranked if you want no strings attached.


How Escorts Are Cheaper Than Sugar Babies Over The Long Term

In this post, we will discuss how Singapore escorts are actually cheaper than sugar babies in the long run, since we already talked about the convenience comparison between sugar babies and escorts in the previous post.

The former is pay per meet, while the other is pay per month whether or not you meet!

If you are in Singapore only for a few days per year or once every few months, then it makes little financial sense to have sugar babies. At least local ones. The reason for that is because almost all of them will demand from you a monthly allowance. Whether it is high or low can be subjective. However, if you are not even sure of your schedule, there may be months where you will be providing her money without ever seeing her. It is a different issue altogether if she is your wife, but the truth is she is your sugar baby and there is a reason why she is! You do not want the commitment. Therefore, if your arrival and presence in Singapore is irregular, then you should definitely opt for the former, not the latter.

If you meet less often or on an irregular basis, then the former is better. If you meet the same girl on a consistent basis, the latter may be better.

Second of all, it depends on how often you wish to meet the girl of your choice. If you wish to meet her only a few times a month maximum, and even then, it is on an irregular frequency, then the former would likely be cheaper. Of course, if you wish to meet her multiple times a week, then the latter will be cheaper. However, since most men choose such types of relationships because they do not want commitment, the former makes more sense.

The former is a good option if you want to potentially meet different ladies. If you only want to meet the same, then the latter.

Thirdly, do you wish to potentially meet different women? If you want to meet different women, then it is best if you meet the former. Sugar babies financial compensation is like that of a retainer. You will keep paying them whether or not you meet them. And if you were to meet girl A and B this month but not girl C, you still need to pay C or she may not agree to any agreements with you. However, when it comes to escorts, if you only meet A and B this month, you only pay A and B. And you can still meet C even a few months from now as long as she’s still working with the agency.


Sugar Babies Or Escorts – Which Can Save You Time & Hassles?

Chances are, if you are a middle aged man, a top business executive and relatively financially stable in life, you have thought about looking for an escort or a sugar baby – basically a paid female companion at a particular point in time if you are single. (The reason why we say this is because that is the most common demographic for our clients!)

Therefore, if you are wondering which one is the more convenient choice for you, then read on.

Do you barely have any time left for your free time?

Firstly, if you are rushing for time all the time due to your work already, then the latter is the better option for you. The reason for that is because you do not have the time to hang out on sugar dating websites, going through inactive profiles to find the active ones, chat them up and hopefully get the girl to meet up with you and then ultimately come to an arrangement. That is a lot of time and hassle required. On the other hand, if you are a retiree, then going for the former may be a good option that you can consider.

Are you only in the country once in a while and on an irregular schedule?

Secondly, if you are only in Singapore for a short trip such as for a business trip, then a sugar baby would not make sense for you. The reason for that is because most girls locally only agree to a sugar dating arrangement if they were to receive a monthly allowance from their sugar daddy – you. However, since you are only in the country once in a while, then it makes no sense to waste your time trying to persuade girls who are not interested in pay per meet. In such a case, then the latter is definitely the smarter and more convenient choice for you.

Saving hassles is a big reason why men look for such services.


Top 5 Things To Do In Singapore For Bachelors

Here are the top 5 things you can do in Singapore as an adult male.

Look for an escort girl

Well, I hope you certainly did not think this was going to escape our list! After all, we are an escort agency. Singapore has lots of beautiful women, and if you want to meet a local girl and have a good time in the country while you are here, then you can meet one of our Singapore escort girls.

You can place a booking with us by contacting us here.

Go to one of the casinos

If you are from the United States of America, you would be familiar with Las Vegas Sands. The company has a very famous and iconic building in Singapore and it is called Marina Bay Sands. It is free entry for foreigners. The casino there is one of the most profitable and popular ones in the world. The other one is Genting Sentosa. If you prefer having going to theme parks after that, you can opt for the Sentosa one.

Booze out at one of the bars at Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay has lots of bars and clubs right next to each other. Even then, each one of them is usually packed, because that place is that popular. Whoever said Singapore does not have an active nightlife clearly regurgitated that line from others without thinking nor observing reality.

Go for an exhilarating drive in a super sports car

While cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari are expensive in the United States, it is at least 2 to 3 times more expensive in Singapore to purchase because of insanely high taxes. Flex a little while you are in the country by renting one of these super sports cars at Marina Bay Sands and drive along the famous F1 night race route in SG!

Eat all day and all night long

One of the best parts about the city is that it literally never sleeps – especially at food places. There are 24 hour food joints serving all kinds of food across the island. Whether you want Chinese food, Malay food, Indian food or Western food – you got it! Simply use the local taxis to hop around the island. It is a foodie haven.