Demographics Of Men Who Find Escorts – Not What Some Think!

Here are some commonalities of the demographics of the men who look for escorts in Singapore.

Middle aged

Firstly, they are mostly in their middle ages. Most of these clients are actually in their mid 30s to late 40s. This is regardless of whether they are a local or a visiting businessman. Many rich businessmen visit SG. One of the key potential reasons why most clients are within this age range is actually because of price. Because these services are definitely not cheap, most only reach a certain financial income level after a certain age. That is a big reason why most of the clients are in their middle ages. That is because they will have reached the peak of their corporate ladder climb, or struck entrepreneurial gold for the businessmen by this time.

If he is a local, most likely is Chinese, if foreigner, most likely is Caucasian or Chinese

Secondly, if it is a local client, there is an over 90% chance that it will be a Chinese. This is partly due to the race make up in Singapore. If it is a foreigner, then it is a toss up between a Caucasian or Chinese. However, there are also Indian, Korean, Thai and many other races when it comes to the clients.

Mix between locals and foreigners

There is a good mix between locals and foreigners when it comes to the nationalities and demographics of the clients.

Most are powerful businessmen or investors

Thirdly, most of these men are either powerful businessmen, respectable business executives or a prolific investor. Part of the reason could be due to that they do not come cheap. Additionally, smart men prefer Singaporean girls, as in general, locals are not just beautiful, but also educated, which can be something rare when it comes to escorts. This is how to make a booking with one of our girls.