Why Singapore Attracts Wealthy Visitors All The Time

A city state, Singapore is a country located off the peninsula of Malaysia. However, it hits far above its geographical size, and is in fact seen as the number on investment and business hub of South East Asia, Asia and even the world. It is seen as a top attraction for both visiting as well as for business similar to that of Hong Kong and Switzerland.

Favourable tax laws in SG

Firstly, one of the reasons for that is because Singapore has largely favourable tax laws. This is definitely a key factor which draws in wealthy businessmen and investors to flock to Singapore. In fact, because so many rich people and men travel to the country on a yearly and monthly basis, there is a large demand for social escorts in the country. Wherever rich man goes, there is demand for escorts and beautiful women. That is why most men who are clients are rich.

Stable politics

Secondly, Singapore has a relatively stable political climate. Nearly all protests, if at all, are peaceful and rarely lasts. In fact, you will not hear of such protests in the city. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing can be subjective, but to the foreign investors and businessmen, it is definitely a good point.

Lowest crime rates in the world

Thirdly, it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. This is another big factor attracting the wealthy to the city state, as rich men will definitely avoid seedy countries and neighbourhoods. Since the entire country is safe, where women can go out late at night alone and be safe and millionaires and billionaires can walk around the street without security, it has become a rich people haven. That’s why even the rich enjoy the nightlife in SG too as they can go about it freely.