Sugar Babies Or Escorts – Which Can Save You Time & Hassles?

Chances are, if you are a middle aged man, a top business executive and relatively financially stable in life, you have thought about looking for an escort or a sugar baby – basically a paid female companion at a particular point in time if you are single. (The reason why we say this is because that is the most common demographic for our clients!)

Therefore, if you are wondering which one is the more convenient choice for you, then read on.

Do you barely have any time left for your free time?

Firstly, if you are rushing for time all the time due to your work already, then the latter is the better option for you. The reason for that is because you do not have the time to hang out on sugar dating websites, going through inactive profiles to find the active ones, chat them up and hopefully get the girl to meet up with you and then ultimately come to an arrangement. That is a lot of time and hassle required. On the other hand, if you are a retiree, then going for the former may be a good option that you can consider.

Are you only in the country once in a while and on an irregular schedule?

Secondly, if you are only in Singapore for a short trip such as for a business trip, then a sugar baby would not make sense for you. The reason for that is because most girls locally only agree to a sugar dating arrangement if they were to receive a monthly allowance from their sugar daddy – you. However, since you are only in the country once in a while, then it makes no sense to waste your time trying to persuade girls who are not interested in pay per meet. In such a case, then the latter is definitely the smarter and more convenient choice for you.

Saving hassles is a big reason why men look for such services.