How Escorts Are Cheaper Than Sugar Babies Over The Long Term

In this post, we will discuss how Singapore escorts are actually cheaper than sugar babies in the long run, since we already talked about the convenience comparison between sugar babies and escorts in the previous post.

The former is pay per meet, while the other is pay per month whether or not you meet!

If you are in Singapore only for a few days per year or once every few months, then it makes little financial sense to have sugar babies. At least local ones. The reason for that is because almost all of them will demand from you a monthly allowance. Whether it is high or low can be subjective. However, if you are not even sure of your schedule, there may be months where you will be providing her money without ever seeing her. It is a different issue altogether if she is your wife, but the truth is she is your sugar baby and there is a reason why she is! You do not want the commitment. Therefore, if your arrival and presence in Singapore is irregular, then you should definitely opt for the former, not the latter.

If you meet less often or on an irregular basis, then the former is better. If you meet the same girl on a consistent basis, the latter may be better.

Second of all, it depends on how often you wish to meet the girl of your choice. If you wish to meet her only a few times a month maximum, and even then, it is on an irregular frequency, then the former would likely be cheaper. Of course, if you wish to meet her multiple times a week, then the latter will be cheaper. However, since most men choose such types of relationships because they do not want commitment, the former makes more sense.

The former is a good option if you want to potentially meet different ladies. If you only want to meet the same, then the latter.

Thirdly, do you wish to potentially meet different women? If you want to meet different women, then it is best if you meet the former. Sugar babies financial compensation is like that of a retainer. You will keep paying them whether or not you meet them. And if you were to meet girl A and B this month but not girl C, you still need to pay C or she may not agree to any agreements with you. However, when it comes to escorts, if you only meet A and B this month, you only pay A and B. And you can still meet C even a few months from now as long as she’s still working with the agency.