What Are Your Options For NSA Relationship In Singapore?

If you are looking for a no strings attached relationship, what are your best options in Singapore?


Your best option will definitely be escorts! Check out our ladies here. Why are they your best option? The reason for that is because they provide the least amount of commitment requirements for you. All you need to do whenever you wish to meet one is to simply contact a local agency or independent, and then meet. Independents are generally speaking harder to meet in SG though, because many of them travel very often, and you are talking to one girl only. With an agency, you have multiple options even if one particular girl is unavailable. They are also known as pay per meet, and this is the form of no strings attached relationship with the least amount of commitment.

Sugar baby

Your second best option will probably be sugar babies, though in our view, it is a far cry from that of escorts if you truly want a no strings attached relationship. The reason for that is simply because most sugar babies would demand a monthly allowance from you, not much different from that of an alimony style payment (just that you will still get to meet her). However, financially, that is how it feels. That is one of the biggest reasons why we feel that there is still quite a lot of strings attached to such a relationship. It definitely feels like there is more commitment. Additionally, escorts are also cheaper than sugar babies if you are into NSA relationships.

Using regular websites and indicating looking for NSA relationships within

Your third option will probably to look for NSA relationships on regular dating sites like OkCupid. Since Tinder and mobile applications more similar to it does not allow you to select only those who also want a NSA relationship, OkCupid is a far superior choice relatively. The biggest downside to sites like these though, is that the quality of the women on them are a far cry from that of escorts and sugar babies, which are your first and second options ranked if you want no strings attached.