How Much Do Escorts Make On Average?

If you are considering an escort job, then you may be interested in how much you can potentially make. In the past, too many posts and advertisements promise you sky high income. However, if you have experience, you will probably realize the advertisements are grossly exaggerated, the ads are simply fake, or you joined an illegal syndicate and everything is fake.

Here are some realistic expectations of what an average earner can expect to

Firstly, regardless whether you intend to be a freelance girl or work under an agency, you will make approximately the same. It is a misconception that you will make more working by yourself. The reason for that is simple – people tend to exaggerate how much they really make. That is why you see freelancers nobody has ever heard of come on news saying that they make a certain amount of money. How can they make that much if nobody in the industry has heard of them before? It is just PR. Regardless, after the agency cut, or if you work as a freelance girl, you can expect to make anywhere between $250 to $500 per hour in Singapore.

Secondly, we will need to look at what is a realistic number of clients you can potentially get. One factor that beginners leave out in their consideration is their very own schedule. If you only have a few hours free each week, keep in mind you are competing against tons of other escorts. They will snatch up your clients unless you work hard as well and keep yourself free and flexible when it comes to your timings. Most can realistically expect to see 1 to 5 clients a week on average, if you are free for at least 4 to 5 days a week, and accept any clients. That is also considering if you join a good agency, or are a phenomenal marketer of your own services.

Thirdly, taking the lower end combination, it will be around 1 client a week multiplied by $250. That is approximately $1000 a month. Taking the high end, you will meet around 5 clients a week at $500 a client. That is approximately $10000 a month. As you can tell, while those are not guaranteed, you will probably be making somewhere between $1000 to $10000 a month. Those are realistic numbers. The biggest difference between making that amount with an escort job and any other job though, is the amount of hours you actually need to work. The above takes into account only working 1 to 5 hours a week. That is an amazing return on investment of your time, when it comes to making a lot of cash. There is virtually no other job that offers you this opportunity. If you are a student or a full time working adult which most are, this is pure disposable income for you, or income that you can be putting to good use like clearing your student loans.