How To Make An Appointment In Singapore The Correct Way

If you are looking to make a booking with us, then make sure to read this following post.

Check the pictures, price and name list!

The first step you want to do is to first check out our photographs of our models, as well as their details and price list. Since everything is purposely publicly displayed, you can easily find the one you like. We only have Singaporean girls. You are best off using an agency like us if you are looking for local girls.

Use our contact form to reach us today

Secondly, you can send us a message with your desired models’ names, your meeting place and time. Please note we only process same day bookings. So if you want an advance booking, a deposit is mandatory before we will check availability for you.appointment

We will check who is available

Third of all, once you have provided us with the above mentioned details, we will go to work for you and check the availability for the women you have selected. We will get back to you soon with an exact confirmation.

You decide whom you want to see

Next of all, your call! You just need to decide whom you are to meet. The desired model will now move off towards your location after doing her make up and dressed presentably if you are making an urgent booking. If it is for a later timing in the day, then it will be accordingly to that.

Finally, the lady will arrive at your location! It is simple. Truly fast!

And here is a final piece of extra advice. If you are looking for services, please, avoid places such as TSRJOX as further explained here, or you may be getting unnecessary hassles. Make sure only to book from legit providers.