TSRJOX 狮城陪游 狮城bbs Good Alternatives?

What used to be a big prostitution website with tons of web traffic in Singapore, TSRJOX, also known as 新加坡 天上人间 in Mandarin, has since been forced to shutter its illegal business and website by the local police in SG city.

For those people who are unaware of what it used to be about, it was a site which posted the information of China ladies who came to our country to provide sexual service. While prostitution in itself is legal, most of the girls who make their income through TSRJOX are only here on social visit passes, which bars them from earning any income in SG. Additionally, TSRJOX served as a public platform facilitating prostitution – which makes it illegal, regardless of where the site is hosted or operators are based. In fact, many copycats have popped up after it, as TSRJOX was one of the pioneers taking advantage of the unique opportunity the Internet provided for such provision of . Many of these sites felt safe behind the anonymity of the Internet. But lo and behold. The law will catch up.

However, you are a consumer, and not an operator from TSRJOX. So if you are just on the search for a beautiful female companion, how do you go about achieving this task?

Well, it kind of depends on what you are searching for.

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On the other hand, if you just want prostitutes, then there is actually no legal way of getting that online. Even sites which advertise stuff like extras will eventually get rightly apprehended by the police. There are however designated red light districts in our city if you really need them, and you can look for these brothels right around Geylang area. While there are more red light areas than just Geylang, it certainly is the most popular and renowned one.