How To Know If The Image By The Escort Is Real Or Not?

One of the biggest concerns by customers is whether the photos of the SG escort girl is real or not. Here are some tips for you so that regardless whether you are looking for an agency or independent, you will more or less be able to know at a glance if a photo that the person forwards to you or places online is the real deal!

If you are looking at a supposed foreign lady, especially if she is from Philippines or Thailand or one of the neighbouring countries other than Malaysia, and she sends you an image of herself including her face in it, there is still a 50% chance that it really is of her. However, if you are looking at a supposed Singaporean girl and she or the company sends you an image with her full face picture, there is a 0.01% chance that is her.

If you see a picture of a famous influencer or online model being shown on a directory or website, then think twice, because there is a 100% chance it is fake, if the image includes the full face image. The reason for this is because when it comes to their income, their reputation is extremely important to real celebrities, that is why ‘face’ is so important to them. Even if they wanted to do escorting on the side, there is zero chance that they will include their facial images in the listing.

Are the images you see on listings stolen from the public domain? Did you know that lots of unethical websites actually use images which do not belong to them? There is an insane amount of websites which acts like this. Just simply do a reverse image search by using your laptop. All you need to do is to right click on your mouse on the picture you are not sure if it may be stolen. Then select ‘Search Google for image’. You can then easily tell if it is taken from the public domain. If you cannot find anything, it does not mean it is 100% genuine, but if you can see lots of results online, then you should check out the other websites with that same picture, and then decide by yourself as to which one is the original!