Get A Female Escort Job With Us Here

Our team is expanding, and therefore hiring more people. If you are interested to be a female escort, then reach out to us below after checking out the requirements below.

  • You are required to be either a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident. There is no loop around this as all other VISAs are not allowed to work in the country legally.
  • You must be aged 18 and older before you are allowed to work as one in Singapore.
  • All races and ethnicities are accepted
  • Due to market demand, we are only hiring females. Sorry lads, only demand for girls.

Here are some of the preferred and good to have attributes which will help you increase your chances of being shortlisted by our company.

  • Slim build
  • Customer service oriented (whether or not you like the client)
  • Prior escort or sugar baby experience
  • Friendly attitude
  • Willing to sacrifice your personal schedule to go for jobs
  • Hardworking

If you are wondering about average earnings, go here.

If you think you fulfill the above criteria, then make sure to email us at